Jao Tsung-I’s Painting and Calligraphy from the MAM Collection


Venue: Exhibition rooms on the ground floor and the first floor of Jao Tsung-I Academy


Professor Jao Tsung-I advocated a concurrent pursuit in the spheres of academics and arts, suggesting that academic research and artistic creation should be mutually complementary. In addition to the techniques he learned from predecessors, his academic knowledge and observation of natural scenery also play an essential role in his artistic creation.


Professor Jao was adept at both calligraphy and painting. He was skilful in the four fundamental scripts of traditional Chinese calligraphy and in drawing on a wide range of subject matters, including landscapes, flower, tree, bamboo, stone, Taoist and Buddhist figures. This exhibition will showcase works selected from the collection of the Macao Museum of Art, thereby enabling visitors to appreciate his profound erudition and diverse creations.



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